RE: [css-flexbox] percentage flex basis and quirks mode...

>Hi there!
>So I encountered the following test case today:
><div style="display: flex; flex-direction:column; border:1px solid purple;">
><div>Header</div> <div style="flex:1; min-height:0;">Flexible content<br>
></div> </div>
>We have a flex basis of 0% for the two items. Since this is quirks mode, the
>percentage resolves even though the flexbox does not have a definite size.
>The only thing that makes this work for common cases is
>min-height: auto.

I'm seeing the same result in FF/Edge/Chrome (attached) with or without the min-height: auto (all still show document.compatMode of "BackCompat"). I'm either getting a completely different result via the markup you provided or I'm missing something :/


Received on Wednesday, 5 August 2015 21:19:29 UTC