Re: [will-change] Should will-change trigger stacking context when the property does not apply to an element?

On Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 12:17 PM, Simon Fraser <> wrote:
> Consider:
> <span style=“will-change: transform;”>...<span>
> The span, as a non-atomic inline, does not support the transform property. Should will-change trigger stacking context in this example?

Yes, it absolutely should.  The span *does* supports transforms *if*
certain other properties are set, or if the parent blockifies it, etc.
Making it not create an SC means having to do weird combinatorial
checking, and means that you'll get page flicker if you *do* set those
other properties and then start animating.

We shouldn't second-guess authors, nor should we impose expensive
checks on impls without strong reasons.


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