Re: [css-writing-modes] Propose writing-mode: sideways-left

On 21/8/15 09:39, Hiroshi Sakakibara wrote:
>> I really think we need more input from other implementers, specifically
>> Apple, Microsoft and any other EPUB vendors who support already support
>> vertical text. Murakami-san seems content with the proposed change.
>> Other implementers, opinions?
> My company, BPS co. LTD., is developing an EPUB3 viewer, Cho-Tate-Gaki
> (it means super vertiacl layout), based on Blink.  As the name tells,
> we did lots of modifications for Blink for beautiful Japanese
> typesetting.
> In addition, more than 100 thousand of EPUBs are already made and set
> to ebook companies' distributing servers.  It means lots of
> writing modes related properties are already used in Japan. (I'm not
> sure the current situation in Taiwan and other contries.)
> My understanding is that the EPUB spec is referencing the newest CSS
> writing modes' spec.
> I heard that it might not affect to currently distributed EPUBs if
> 'sideways-rl/rl' are simply added to writing-mode property now.

This is correct; if the new sideways-* values for writing-mode are 
added, this has no effect whatsoever on existing usage of the vertical-* 
values. Japanese users can ignore the new values, which are not aimed at 
Japanese typesetting needs.

> (I'm
> not sure but how about the effect to text-orientation property?
> text-orientation is also distributed already to treat U+00A9 to rotate
> 90 degrees)

There is also no effect on existing usage of text-orientation:upright or 
text-orientation:sideways-right within writing-mode:vertical-rl content; 
this will continue to work.

In theory, existing usage of text-orientation:sideways-left (or 
text-orientation:sideways within writing-mode:vertical-lr content) would 
be affected, but AFAIK nobody has yet implemented these options so there 
isn't any existing usage.


> �From e-book domain perspective, I want the spec to be stable.
> Can the above be opinion to consider the priority?
> --- skk

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