Re: Proposal: add a "small-caps" value to "font-synthesis"

On 8/11/15, 10:25 PM, "John Daggett" <> wrote:

>> Are there any other opinions on this issue?
>Thinking about this a little more, I don't think we should add
>'small-caps' to the 'font-synthesis' property. The CSS Fonts spec
>defines *required* fallback behavior when 'font-variant' is set to
>'small-caps' and the font lacks small caps glyphs. This is different
>from the way font selection works for the synthetic bold and italic
>cases, those are basically *optional* features added by the user agent.

While it’s true that the specification uses different RFC 2119 terms
(should versus may), I’m not sure it should have. Bold and italic
synthesis are technically optional but in practice ubiquitous, to the
point that font-synthesis is required to be able to opt out.

I don’t see a big distinction between the cases presented. Bold and italic
synthesis *may* (but usually does) happen, and font-synthesis allows you
to block it. Small cap synthesis *should* happen, and we should not have a
way of blocking it? Why shouldn’t I be able to express “Use small caps
glyphs only if they’re available”?



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