Re: [css-text-4] Sydney resolution edits

On 8/3/15, 11:03 PM, "Cameron McCormack" <> wrote:

>Alan Stearns:
>> 1. Create wrap-before/after/inside properties
>> 2. Change text-space-trim values from consume-* to discard-*
>> 3. Add a text-space-collapse value for SVG compatibility
>> For #3 I used preserve-spaces, which seemed to me to fit with the other
>> values best.
>That name sounds fine.  The definition looks right too.  (FWIW, from
>some quick testing, Firefox, Chrome and Safari all follow that
>behaviour, while Edge just drops newlines.)
>Is the intention to have a corresponding value for the white-space
>property, or will preserve-spaces only be settable from
>text-space-collapse?  I am fine with it regardless.

I assume that all of text-space-collapse (or whatever we end up naming it)
will be included in the white-space shorthand.



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