Re: [css-grid] repeat(auto) column clamping

On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 2:00 AM, Zephyr Pellerin
<> wrote:
> In addition to honoring max-width/height, repeat(auto) would
> benefit from a property to clamp additional rows if the layout
> does not have enough items to complete a row (or generate as many as
> needed).
> A layout example could include a users page with photos positioned in
> a grid (where the user items contain subgrids). The repeat(auto) honors the
> indefinite max-width @ 100%. If I want the amount of repetition to display
> all of these users in the grid to preserve horizontal centering, there
> is no reasonable way (including flexbox) to do so today.
> I realize this is somewhat ambiguous, if you feel a diagram would
> illustrate the issue I can generate one.

Yup, this is currently tracked as Issue 6 in the spec


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