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Re: check-in Doug May (Sunday, 31 March)

Automatic Data CanIUse Prototype Doug Schepers (Saturday, 30 March)

April Fools? :) Lea Verou (Saturday, 30 March) meeting Friday 3/29 Julee Burdekin (Friday, 29 March)

Remote participation in Apr 3 doc sprint? Janet Swisher (Friday, 29 March)

bug reporting vs. commenting (vs. flagging) Doug May (Thursday, 28 March)

chat links Doug May (Thursday, 28 March)

designers and geeks and disambiguation (was Re: Color index) Doug May (Thursday, 28 March)

Share IRC coverage times? Julee (Thursday, 28 March)

Email to Doc Sprint registrants Julee (Thursday, 28 March)

503 error Infrastructure issue #7 Julee (Thursday, 28 March)

code example saved to a common WebPlatformDocs gist? Julee (Thursday, 28 March)

wpd wiki question on sitemap and links Doug May (Wednesday, 27 March)

Web Platform Proposal for Google Summer of Code (Urgent) Doug Schepers (Wednesday, 27 March)

edit workflow (was Re: info on "checked out" flag?) Doug May (Wednesday, 27 March)

Color index Lea Verou (Wednesday, 27 March)

info on "checked out" flag? Mike Sierra (Wednesday, 27 March)

Millsy ill this week Chris Mills (Wednesday, 27 March)

Commenting UI? Julee (Tuesday, 26 March)

Getting Started page updated Scott Rowe (Tuesday, 26 March)

Styling standardization status Lea Verou (Tuesday, 26 March)

Redirects for prefixed features Lea Verou (Tuesday, 26 March)

Re: WPD Proposal for OSCON? Doug Schepers (Monday, 25 March)

Web Platform Meeting Notes 3/22 Julee (Friday, 22 March)

Bug #1: Session bug Julee (Friday, 22 March)

2 new issues re: top level pages (Issue 14) Julee Burdekin (Friday, 22 March)

Twitter and Google+ Access Doug Schepers (Friday, 22 March)

Regrets for today Lea Verou (Friday, 22 March) meeting Friday 3/22 Julee (Thursday, 21 March)

Community Development meeting: Zakim problems Scott Rowe (Thursday, 21 March)

CSS Icon in the Wild (was: WPD icons and the noun project) Doug Schepers (Thursday, 21 March)

site map, user flow, site management (connecting the dots) Doug May (Thursday, 21 March)

Organizing projects in Julee (Wednesday, 20 March)

Beta and Beyond Doug Schepers (Wednesday, 20 March)

Re: Community Development Meeting 3/21 (end of hijack) Doug May (Tuesday, 19 March)

DougM's notes and doc sprint prep Doug May (Tuesday, 19 March)

Communications plan Julee (Tuesday, 19 March)

Community Development Meeting 3/21 Scott Rowe (Tuesday, 19 March)

503!!! Site's Down Scott Rowe (Tuesday, 19 March)

URL aliases for WPD without /wiki Lea Verou (Tuesday, 19 March)

Web Platform Meeting Notes 3/15 Julee (Tuesday, 19 March)

Community Development Task Force Meeting Scott Rowe (Friday, 15 March)

RE: Some Charts about WPD Users David Kirstein (Friday, 15 March)

Web Platform community meeting in 45 mins. Julee (Friday, 15 March)

Re: Re-architecting the Community pages (smoother inflow for the next doc sprint) Doug May (Friday, 15 March)

Community meeting tomorrow? Julee (Thursday, 14 March)

Re-architecting the Community pages Scott Rowe (Thursday, 14 March)

Web Platform Doc Sprint San Francisco (April 3rd) Peter Lubbers (Thursday, 14 March)

Password reset bug with Bug Genie Patrick D'Souza (Thursday, 14 March)

Bug Genie Tour Jonathan Garbee (Monday, 11 March)

Bug filing location? Julee (Monday, 11 March)

Friday call recordings Doug May (Monday, 11 March)

Status of CSS Properties P0-P2s Julee (Friday, 8 March)

Web Platform community meeting Friday 17:00 UTC / Noon ET / 9:00 PT Julee (Friday, 8 March)

Fwd: User-definable custom lists of pages (based on preferred topics, flags and more) Doug May (Friday, 8 March)

Press/Blogger kit Sébastien Desbenoit (Thursday, 7 March)

WPD nominated for Game Changer of the Year Julee (Wednesday, 6 March)

Community outreach: Surveys & Verbatims Scott Rowe (Tuesday, 5 March)

Added translation on meeting agenda, but can you attend? Julee (Tuesday, 5 March)

Analytics Task Force starting up Julee (Tuesday, 5 March)

Re: Translations Tomoyuki SHIMIZU (Tuesday, 5 March)

Notes on our chat today Julee (Tuesday, 5 March)

User-definable custom lists of pages (based on preferred topics, flags and more) David Kirstein (Monday, 4 March)

Spanish Translation of Webplatform Nestor Rojas (Monday, 4 March)

Feb 2013 edition of "Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: current state and roadmap" features WebPlatform integration Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Monday, 4 March)

Feb Doc Sprint write up Jay Munro (Saturday, 2 March)

Re: Project Management update. Jonathan Garbee (Friday, 1 March) community meeting Friday 1 March, 17:00 UTC / Noon ET / 9:00 PT Julee (Friday, 1 March)

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