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Web Platform community meeting Friday 17:00 UTC / Noon ET / 9:00 PT

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Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 08:08:04 -0800
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Web Platform community meetings occur on Fridays, 17:00 UTC / Noon ET / 9:00

Telcon Info

Zakim Bridge: +1.617.761.6200

Conference code: 3627 ("DOCS")

VOIP: sip:zakim@w3.org

Agenda 2013-03-08

Note: If you haven't already done so, please volunteer to scribe.

* Content questions:
** How can we get a seal of approval from the community? Can SME review
** What is the criteria for calling something complete?
** What is the announcement plan to promote completed content?
* Translation task force?
* Filling out the taxonomy of the site
** Generate a site map of the current site
** Identify what pages should be there that aren't
** Stub in those pages with details on priority, etc.
* URLs for translation
** What can we tell translators now?
*** Why can't we do ..wiki/lang/.. now?
** Should we have a task force?
* Fix Search
** Duplicate pages in results
** Crawl/index WPD: pages for help
* Session bug?
* Dabblet?
* Community outreach task force
*** Brief recap of [[WPD:Community/Survey/Verbatims|Verbatims]] and
*** Consider dates for next Doc Sprint.
* Anything blocking you from creating great content?
* Any new or notable content to promote?

To add or update agenda items:

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