Re: Re-architecting the Community pages

Nice. I like this structure. I think we should add a link called 
Community in the nav bar and link it to Community Pages seems to 
be buried under Docs which does not seem to be a logical place for it 
and requires its own section. It's similar to the concept of Contact Us 
that you might find on any site.

I would move the Contribute to Web Platform Docs  and Stay in touch 
sections from to the 
Community Page and replace it with "Do you want to get involved in our 
Community effort. Please check out our Community Page." (Sorry if the 
line sounds a bit cheezy. We can replace it with something better). If 
someone wants to get involved, the Community Page serves as a one place 
resource for contributing, staying in touch and at the same time 
highlights the current efforts being undertaken.

On 03/14/2013 03:19 PM, Scott Rowe wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm working on re-architecting the Community pages to provide better 
> navigation through our Meetings, Task Forces, etc.
> First, I've added a Meetings page.
> Under that I've added pages for all of the task force meetings.
> Second, I've added a Task Forces page.
> and under that all of the pages for the different task forces.
> The idea is to separate the meetings from the task force pages so that 
> we can use the meetings pages to track meeting agenda and notes, while 
> using the task force pages for the overall scope of the project.
> I was getting quite annoyed at having to remember where all of these 
> pages were, and it seems they belong in the community pages.
> I also moved the Template Corps page under here. If you find any other 
> community-related pages, please move them into this tree.
> These navigation problems are starting to become painful.
> Do you think we should create a link to the Community pages in the 
> navigation bar of our site chrome?
> +Scott

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