Re: User-definable custom lists of pages (based on preferred topics, flags and more)

The quick answer about stuff dropping off the list when issues are
cleared depends on how the issues get cleared.  If something has been
worked on, and we want someone else to look at it before we call it
done, then something needs to happen in the status information or
flags to signal that it is ready for that, and then that that is done.
 It is probably fine or even good for it to drop off of the "waiting
for someone to start working on me" list as soon as someone posts an
update (or upon checkout), but it shouldn't disappear from the "not
yet called done" list without a separate step.  Perhaps this falls
under the current conversations on the definition of done, but
whatever flags and queries we use, that's what we want from the

I thought we already had priority information in the spreadsheet, so
we just need to connect the dots.  At the least, we have some textual
statements regarding priority, that could be applied as a-priori
updates to missing or incomplete items, and then we should have a way
to bump stuff up or down after that.


Received on Friday, 8 March 2013 00:19:51 UTC