Re: Notes on our chat today

[Scott -- Were you referring to me or shepazu (we both had the idea to
stub missing pages)?]

Actually, all we need is a first cut at auditing the site map to any
external reference like caniuse and/or relevant w3c standards, and we
can stub from there, and then clean up and refine as we get closer to
final.  Progress before perfection.

Given that I/we (the Dougs, just to thoroughly ambiguate Doug S.<g>)
want to include "what it means and what to do about it" on any stubbed
page, being able to adjust the stubs over time is part of the goal.
(hint -- we set a trigger on any change to the official terms/pages
structure, to resync the stubbed content, just as we tentatively
"un-stub" it once it is checked out and the first draft is saved, so
we don't trash some lovely volunteer's work).

DougM (the new guy)

Received on Tuesday, 5 March 2013 18:11:34 UTC