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Hi Everyone, 

It looks like we have two brand identities on coming from the logo and one from the website. My opinion is: the identity coming from the logo is awesome, full of details and with a nice playground. But it doesn't fit the use we have for the website: we have a wider palette of colors and different needs that's why this color page dedicated to the website is an awesome idea. 

It may be a bit frustrating but I think we need to work around our identity to have a place with the right information. In my opinion, those are the one coming from the usage and not from the ideation. It could be page organized in this way: 

1. WebPlatform Logotype -> Logo and rules (use recommendations, badges, orientation,  proportions, spacing) 
2. WebPlatform Colors > Logo colors & Website colors
3. WebPlatform Copy -> Bitter, Gudea & Consolas + Header, Link (coming from the style guide.pdf) 
4. WebPlatform Components -> Background, Awning, Flags, Icons, Button (from dabblet)
5. WebPlatform Design History -> Design process: from inspiration, to mockup, style tiles and versions... 

On the page we gather the essential content and on sub-page what we less need for styling the website. 

What do you think? 


Sébastien Desbenoit -

Le 28 mars 2013 à 05:04, Doug May <> a écrit :

> Doug (shepazu) -- I'm all for avoiding repeat content, as long as the
> content is readily findable from wherever it might be relevant.  I'd
> like to get our pointer infrastructure working better than our
> deduping infrastructure, just in the interest of serving the users.
> There are publishing tools that let us repeat content wherever needed
> and only maintain it in one location, so I no longer believe in
> deduping just for deduping's sake.
> On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 2:59 PM, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
>> Hi, Lea-
>> On 3/27/13 2:27 PM, Lea Verou wrote:
>>> Ah, right, I remember stumbling on this before. Thanks!
>>> Although, at least for me personally, it’s not as helpful when
>>> working on WPD design elements, as:
>>> a) It doesn’t include descriptions, so I have to visually search for
>>> the color I need and there’s a possibility of picking the wrong one,
>>> since a few are similar
>>> b) It doesn’t include HSL, which is tremendously useful in creating
>>> darker/lighter variations
>>> c) It includes additional colors, which are used nowhere on the site
>>> d) Several colors actually used on the website, are not in it
>>> So even if I had found this when I looked, I’d probably still have
>>> made a new index.
>> Those are all good points.
>> I'd prefer we not duplicate the information on multiple pages, so I think we
>> should add to and refine the logo page [1], and remove them from the design
>> page [2].
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> Regards-
>> -Doug

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