Re: Bug filing location?

The Perfect Answer!!  Thanks.

Defect = Story = Feature = Task (to a crude approximation)

One consolidated backlog to pull from, more or less, based on skills and

tl/dr: DougM likes the move to consolidate bugs and projects into a more
cohesive framework (it enables easier collaboration, info sharing, and

My perspective on my own participation in any project is that I own my
defect reports (bugs) like I own any user story or feature req or milestone
or actual code I submit, and as an active community participant (in any or
several or those roles), I want to readily see what's happening with any of
these I happen to engage with.  I expect this to be easy because they're
just variations on how the ongoing work flows through the system.  I'm in
direct contact (to the extent desired) with anyone working on my bug
report, or my feature, or integrating my code.  It's a model that enables a
lot of roles, and a lot of self-organization, without needing separate
systems, so plus one (two thumbs up).  I look forward to learning (or
inventing) how we scale that out enough to cover however many hundreds
(thousands?) of volunteers we figure it's going to take to get the web
platform both documented and tested (sustainably).


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> Bug genie IS the project system at . Any
> issues in our bugzilla install are being ported over.

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