Re: Bug Genie Tour

Will it be recorded (including video)?  That should at least provide us a
crude draft of a training piece.  If my laptop recovery proceeds on
timeline I should be able to volunteer to attempt to transcribe and edit it.


On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 3:58 PM, Scott Rowe <> wrote:

> Hi Garbee!
> Looking forward to the show. We need the link to the Doodle poll.
> +Scott
> On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 3:21 PM, Jonathan Garbee <>wrote:
>> I am working on getting bugs moved from Bugzilla into The Bug Genie over
>> the next two days, I should be able to have most if not all of them ported
>> over in that time.
>> So, on Thursday I would like to try and have a hangout with interested
>> people to show off the system and how to use it (since we won't have any
>> real documentation on it for the moment.) For anyone interested in joining
>> Thursday I have made a Doodle Poll [1] to try and find the best time.
>> Assume the timezone is EST and do remember we jumped ahead an hour this
>> week (because we still do that stupid stuff.)
>> Things to be covered:
>> * Filing a new issue.
>> * Changing and submitting issue fields
>> * Adding related issues to an issue
>> * Getting notified on an issues status that you haven't edited or
>> commented on.
>> * Searching issues (yes, this can be confusing the first few times since
>> the links work in a seemingly odd way.)
>> * Configuring milestones
>> ** Adding issues to a milestone.
>> * Possibly team stuff if I can figure out how people actually join a team
>> without an admin manually doing it. Otherwise this will be something I
>> cover in the docs and/or another standalone video later on.
>> Is there anything that anyone wants to be talked about outside of that
>> list? I'm trying to not cover more administrative things like managing the
>>  ACL since that can be a whole hour or so to itself. Perhaps a quick
>> overview of that will be given if we have the time.
>> Thanks,
>> -Garbee

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