RE: project.*, not bugzilla, right?

Yep, Garbee hasn’t moved this bug yet, so there was only Bugzilla to link
to. :) (I thought about mentioning this, but oh well!)


And yes, there is a vote thingy per bug on project.*! (don’t know if we end
up using it, though)




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Don't know if it's due to incomplete cutover, but the bug Fro mentions is
not in the new system (at least, search didn't find it).  Since it's a
webfonts issue, and we're pulling chat from the nav, maybe we don't need to
carry it forward, but it would be good to have it in there, since some
people will notice the anomalies.  Do we get to "plus" issues in the new
system, to upvote them in priority?


On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 2:45 PM, Julee <> wrote:

Hi, Fro:

Just to confirm, we're all working on now, and
we've abandoned bugzilla, right?


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Subject: RE: chat links

>For the "CHAt" part see this bug:
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>Take a closer look Julee.  That link points to the wrong channel for the
>For the small T, think small-caps.  On the top nav bar, the T is
>smaller than the CHA (hence my CHAt).
>On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 2:24 PM, Julee <> wrote:
>> Hi, DougM:
>> The link to the community meetings is in the Ed_Guide, after we give the
>> host and channel, we say:
>> Log in using a browser and ask the team questions
>> <> or use an irc
>> _the_online_community/irc_clients>. Log in to the IRC channel during
>> scheduled meetings
>> <> or anytime you
>> want to share ideas or ask questions.
>> But if you think it needs to be elsewhere, go for it!
>> As far as the lower-case "t", I didn't see to what you were referring.
>> it looks like Lea is updating the global nav, so you may have caught a
>> glimpse in mid-stream.
>> Thanks much for removing any barriers to communication!
>> Regards.
>> Julee
>> ----------------------------
>> @adobejulee
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>> Subject: chat links
>>>We have beaucoup chat links, but almost none mention that the Friday
>>>calls use a different channel.  I upgraded the page for the call
>>>agenda last week, but we need to propagate that to the editor's guide
>>>step 2 and other places where we link to the chat.  I tried to
>>>consistently offer both a direct webchat link, and a direct irc link,
>>>and I think we should steer anyone not already using an irc client to
>>>start with the webchat (since selecting, downloading, installing,
>>>configuring, and learning an IRC client not only adds to the start-up
>>>delay, but in many cases will start you on a side track of trying to
>>>pick an IRC provider, and none of that is needed to get started, and
>>>in most cases it offers no incremental value over webchat for a new
>>>I was lucky on my first call, because Chris Mills was on the main irc
>>>channel as well as the one for the call, so he spotted my mis-landing
>>>and redirected me, but when I came back a couple of weeks later, I
>>>couldn't find anyone on the main channel who even knew what I was
>>>asking about.
>>>For the styling nitpickers, what's causing the little T in CHAt on the
>>>nav bar?


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