URL aliases for WPD without /wiki

Hi all,

I’m not sure if I’m in the minority, but I often type WPD URLs by hand, so typing the /wiki part every time is tedious. I was wondering if we could set up redirects for the top level paths (e.g. /css, /html, /svg etc) which redirect to the URL with the /wiki part so that for example [1] becomes [2].

Doug likes the idea but is concerned about potential SEO implications. I think that if we do it with 301 redirects it will be fine for SEO, but I might be wrong (?).
Denis, is it possible? I think it could be done with a few rules in the .htaccess, perhaps without even having to explicitly list all the top level categories (i.e. test if the path starts with /wiki and if not, add it).
Everyone else, do you think it's a good idea?


[1]: http://docs.webplatform.org/svg/elements/mask 
[2]: http://docs.webplatform.org/wiki/svg/elements/mask ?

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Received on Tuesday, 19 March 2013 15:32:49 UTC