Re: bug reporting vs. commenting (vs. flagging)

Sounds like a plan -- or at least an issue to file! ;-) J


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Date: Thursday, March 28, 2013 2:26 PM
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Subject: bug reporting vs. commenting (vs. flagging)
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>It would be good to explain when to use one vs. the other.  It would
>be good to have examples and guidance on how to make the most useful
>It would probably help to explain that the new bug-tracking system is
>the same as our new project-tracking system, and that bugs are called
>issues.  Also that it currently requires a separate registration and
>logon.  Someone following the bug-report link from the editor's guide
>step pages would likely stumble here, as it's not at all clear where
>on the main projects page I would go to report a specific issue.
>Since we're still learning the new project system, maybe we need a bug
>reporting page on the wiki that provides the guidance and then links
>you to the project system page after you have been properly
>Lastly, there are several classes of "bug" that are probably best
>handled by flagging a page on the wiki, so that guidance would be good
>to link in as well.

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