Re: Spanish Translation of Webplatform

Ok. We have been discussing this on and off for a while. And folks are ready and willing to translate. Do we want to do a call for participation in a translation task force? And maybe that group can find an interim solution, as well as a longer term one?


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I think we need to hold off on adding the translation menu to the homepage. Right now it is only in the beginners guide because that is the test area for the translation system. We still don't have the way everything will be handled figured out, so it is best to not really promote translations like that until things are figured out and documented on how that part of the system works. It seems like a lot of work has already been done that now needs to be moved due to a possible issue with MediaWiki (see the "Translation" thread in the mailing list.)

We need a team of translate leaders to get together and discuss how things will work, along with people who understand MediaWiki and what the limitations are. Once they decide how translations should be handled and get guidelines in place for it, then we can start promoting translated articles and that part of the system more. Until then it is just too unstable.

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Hi, Nestor:

This looks great! Looks like fr0zenice moved your page<> for you, and resolved the external links by removing the nofollow attribute.

As far as having a language bar on the main page. I'm hoping we can implement the new top-level navigation links soon, so
would you kindly add your suggestion to the following open task?




From: Nestor Rojas <<>>
Date: Monday, March 4, 2013 8:00 AM
To: "<>" <<>>

Subject: Spanish Translation of Webplatform

Hello webplatform amigos.

I started the webplatform translation to spanish language and some pages are already available, so I invite you to take a glance at, but I got some small problems with Main Page specifically.

First, I'm not sure if I should move the page from to in order to be recognized as the spanish translation of that page.

Second, I couldn't make it with external links. I guess that webplatform docs should be using "link attributes" extension to insert re="nofollow" and class="external text" into the links. I couldn't succeed and need your help with that. Am I right? Is it using that extension or something else?

One last request. Can somebody add the languages bar to the Main Page? I think it is blocked and I can't edit it.

Thanks a lot in advance for you kind help.

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