Bug Genie Tour

I am working on getting bugs moved from Bugzilla into The Bug Genie over
the next two days, I should be able to have most if not all of them ported
over in that time.

So, on Thursday I would like to try and have a hangout with interested
people to show off the system and how to use it (since we won't have any
real documentation on it for the moment.) For anyone interested in joining
Thursday I have made a Doodle Poll [1] to try and find the best time.
Assume the timezone is EST and do remember we jumped ahead an hour this
week (because we still do that stupid stuff.)

Things to be covered:
* Filing a new issue.
* Changing and submitting issue fields
* Adding related issues to an issue
* Getting notified on an issues status that you haven't edited or commented
* Searching issues (yes, this can be confusing the first few times since
the links work in a seemingly odd way.)
* Configuring milestones
** Adding issues to a milestone.
* Possibly team stuff if I can figure out how people actually join a team
without an admin manually doing it. Otherwise this will be something I
cover in the docs and/or another standalone video later on.

Is there anything that anyone wants to be talked about outside of that
list? I'm trying to not cover more administrative things like managing the
 ACL since that can be a whole hour or so to itself. Perhaps a quick
overview of that will be given if we have the time.


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