RE: User-definable custom lists of pages (based on preferred topics, flags and more)

FYI, we need to do this via an extra property and not use the
High-level_issue one, as SMW can’t do negative likes (Paul wrote about this
<> )
[= we can’t filter by a multi-value property asking not to include a
particular value]. Dunno if you wanted to do this or just meant to add the
checkbox to that form area. I created a new boolean property called
“Checked_Out” and added it to the Flags_Form_Section and Flags template,
feel free to change the description to something more proper. ;) [ok, we
figured that one out already, but I’m leaving this in]


I added some new parameters for the Configurable_Query template:

-          Header_Level (default “==”)

-          Description (default nothing)

-          Hide_Criteria (set to “Yes” to hide the criteria list right above
the table)

-          Checked_Out (set to “Yes” to also show checked out pages, these
are hidden by default)


The first checkbox (“also show checked out pages”) was added to the list
forms. I’ll try to put something like “is checked out && hasn’t been touched
for 2 weeks” or so together later.


P.S.: You shouldn’t use h1 (= … =) for your section headers, btw. H1 is
kinda reserved for the article title.




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topics, flags and more)


fr0 & Paul,


Me again. Another enhancement request! 


I'd like to add a property to the High Level Issues form (this much I can
do) called "Checked Out" - to indicate that a user is working on the


In your user-defined list, could you provide a way to exclude articles with
the "Checked Out" property from appearing in the list? This way users would
be prevented from editing the same article at the same time - a situation
that might otherwise happen particularly during doc sprints.


I think this needs to be configurable in the form - another check box like
"Show Summary" but which says "Exclude Checked-out Articles". The reason for
this is we will also need a way to generate a list for those articles that
are "Checked Out" - explicitly. You can bet that users are going to leave
the box checked and we'll need to go back into the article and uncheck it
for them. For that, we just pull up the form, check the "Checked Out" High
Level Issue, and uncheck the "Exclude Checked-out Articles" box.


Is this feasible?







On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 3:10 PM, Scott Rowe <> wrote:

Fro & Paul,


I've been working with these user-definable lists, dropping the
Configurable_Query template in the Getting Started page to display lists of
articles for given tasks. You can see where I'm going with this at


In order to use the Customized_Lists_Form_Header template, I'd like to be
able to set the heading level - h2, h3, h4, etc., heading text, and have a
free text field. So all the canned text, "Decide what is displayed... You
can add your own..." would then be configurable and editable. 


That way I could include all the Getting Started preamble in the form
header. Since I can't drop the _Form_Header in the Getting Started page
without it floating to top of the page automatically, I need a way to
incorporate the text into the form.


In the Configurable_Query template, I'd like to make the heading level
configurable too, and I'd like to have a free text field under the heading
so I can describe the list of results and provide links to the Editor's
Guide for how to do various edits.


Can you include these tidbits?


Also, a small boog: when I click on More results in a list, the list opens
in a new page with three columns - adding a Page# column. Can you remove
that column?


Great work here, dudes!






On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 8:44 AM, Scott Rowe <> wrote:

Thanks Doug, I appreciate your enthusiasm!


And we should be judicious of our time and resources. If time futzing around
with priorities would be just as well spent working on the issues, then it's
not worth doing. Furthermore, it's all got to be done sooner or later. I
think people will be capable of picking the more important issues out of a
list without having guidance in the form of "P0" or "P1" or whatever.


In other news, I've created the new High-level issue property, "Needs
Review." (Hoo boy, did it take forever to figure out the property page name
for this!) So now, once an article is de-flagged or created, the editor can
set the "Needs Review" flag, and the issue will get listed under "Articles
Needing Review" in the Getting Started page.


I've also made a copy of the Getting Started page in my User: directory and
have begun tinkering with redesign.


See you all in the conf call!




On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 4:18 AM, Doug May <> wrote:

Still getting used to the public list.

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> ... the process of assigning priority is going to be manual
> and messy.

If you insist....

In my book, laziness is the mother of invention, and I've managed to
eliminate or at least streamline a lot of manual processes over the

I look forward to at least trying.





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