Re: User-definable custom lists of pages (based on preferred topics, flags and more)

Not to get greedy, but I'd rather have the stuff that is checked out
appear in a different color, and ideally disable the checkout button,
but if I'm looking at some area of the docs I'd like to get the whole
picture, so better to know that a piece exists (and is now being
edited), than to see the artificially clipped list.  Maybe good as a
default for "stuff to work on" queries (don't show what's checked
out), but then again if I'm at a doc sprint I want the option of
teaming up with whomever is working on it, so other than when it would
overtly invite a content update collision, I vote for showing what's
checked out.

Received on Thursday, 14 March 2013 00:48:20 UTC