chat links

We have beaucoup chat links, but almost none mention that the Friday
calls use a different channel.  I upgraded the page for the call
agenda last week, but we need to propagate that to the editor's guide
step 2 and other places where we link to the chat.  I tried to
consistently offer both a direct webchat link, and a direct irc link,
and I think we should steer anyone not already using an irc client to
start with the webchat (since selecting, downloading, installing,
configuring, and learning an IRC client not only adds to the start-up
delay, but in many cases will start you on a side track of trying to
pick an IRC provider, and none of that is needed to get started, and
in most cases it offers no incremental value over webchat for a new

I was lucky on my first call, because Chris Mills was on the main irc
channel as well as the one for the call, so he spotted my mis-landing
and redirected me, but when I came back a couple of weeks later, I
couldn't find anyone on the main channel who even knew what I was
asking about.

For the styling nitpickers, what's causing the little T in CHAt on the nav bar?


Received on Thursday, 28 March 2013 21:12:56 UTC