Web Platform Meeting Notes 3/15

Hi, everyone:

I've posted the discussion and action items from Friday's community meeting


Also, here are the action items:

* Everyone:

** If you haven't been editing pages, can you volunteer to do a CSS
property? that will get you used to editing the wiki and experiencing what
our users are experiencing?
** also try to recruit one or two people to do some property pages.
** If there are certain pages that should be reviewed by an expert, call
them out to me.
** If you have ideas of experts who would be good reviewers, let Julee
know--we need a significant number of them before we can claim that the docs
are good
** Use the new "needs review" tag to tag articles that need review

* shepazu to reach out to public CSS WG list and ask for experts to review
CSS pages

* Denis to follow up with Julee about sitemap generation [DONE]

* Shepazu to allocate more spaces in future community meeting calls

* Shepazu to get richard ishia [sp?] comment on what a better solution will
be. He's the W3C l18n expert

* shepazu to send localization guide to public lis

* Julee to call it out to the l18n folks to make sure loc guide makes sense
& add it to the Ed-Guide.

* Denis and shepazu to talk about improving built-in search. (Did we replace
default search with Lucene?) (Lea to shepazu: this might help:

* Denis to continue debugging the session bug

* scottrowe_ to set up meeting about next doc sprint

* julee to follow up with garbee on how to do workflows and forms in BG

* shepazu to invite people to twitter account

* peterlubbers to invite people to the Google+ admins

* Julee to add comm plan as a topic for the community taskforce.


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