Re: info on "checked out" flag?

Hi Mike!

Glad you asked! The new Checked Out checkbox is part of the workflow
described in the new Getting Started page [1]. The lists in this page
provide visitors with a to-do list. Per the instructions, when a visitor
selects a page from one of the lists, he/she first checks out that page so
that the page will not appear in the list for the next visitor. The Checked
Out functionality does not have any other "protection" implications - other
users could still edit the page, and the same collision provisions would
apply upon save.



On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 10:30 AM, Mike Sierra <> wrote:

> I notice there's a new "checked out" flag in the editing UI.
> Is there a page somewhere that lists currently checked-out pages?
> I'm curious how that flag is represented on the page,
> or what happens if you try to edit someone else's page.
> Thx,
> --Mike S

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