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3 Reasons for not having XMLLiteral in DL

404s in test area

5.26 OWL DL Syntax - Formal Objection

A typo in the overview document

acceptable changes to LC documents by W3C team (Re: WOWG: Telecon Agenda March 27, 2003 -- incl. LAST CALL RESOLUTION)

Action on Guus: get a bulletproof vest

Action: ChrisW to review reference

ADMIN: Fwd: Summertime/daylight savings

ADMIN: No telecon 3/6 (Re: Regrets - Stanton Thursday Phonecon)

ADMIN: status update/pre-agenda for this week's call

Another Reason for not having XMLLiteral in OWL/DL

B.1, B.2

B.1, B.2 (was RE: Minutes of teleconf 20/3/03)

belated regrets: telecon of 3/20/03

Boston IRC logs

Characterising OWL consistency checkers

comments on Overview and Guide

Comments on Reference

comments on Section 8 of Reference

Datatypes - help please

designed-for-print version of S&AS?

disjointness of domain and range for datatype properties

DL Syntax - status?

DL Syntax proposal B.1 and B.2

Documents and datatypes (RE: Datatypes - help please)

Draft agenda editor's meeting

draft formal objection Issue 5.26 OWL DL Syntax

equivalent RDF->equivalent OWL: outstanding dissent?

Formal Objection: Issue 5.6 Daml:imports as magic syntax

Formally addressing issue: rdf compatibility

Fwd: [closed] hendler-01 literals in parsetype collection

Fwd: Issue #webont-01 rename rdf schema

Graph as triples

Guide: New version

HP for last call

Humo(u)r # 1: Semantika: A Greek tragedy (from August 02)

humo(u)r #2: Owl Bury Tales (circa late Sept 02)

implementation issues with b-node sharing (5.26 DL syntax)

Implementing a syntax checker and/or OWL Tidy

imports in S&AS

interesting typo in [Re: proposal for OWL datatypes]

Issue #pfps-14 Social Meaning

ISSUE 5.26 OWL DL Syntax: Proposal to resolve

ISSUE OWL DL syntax [was: Re: WebOnt telecon 13 March: minutes]

ISWC2003 Call for Industry Papers

ISWC2003 Second Announcement

Last Call Decision

Last Call Schedule

Last minute regrets - March 27 telecon

minor change to [Re: WebOnt telecon 13 March: minutes]

Minutes from editors meeting (13:45 - 15:30)

Minutes of teleconf 20/3/03


new editor's draft of S&AS

new editor's draft of S&AS [multiple restrictions in OWL Lite?]

New OWL Acronym

new version of S&AS

new version of S&AS available (was Re: Minutes of teleconf 20/3/03)

NI for last call

ObjectProperty defined using rdfs:range, equivalent to using owl:allValuesFrom?

out of action and social meaning meeting

Owl and privacy paragraph

OWL Tests



pfps comments - clarification

potential regrets for 3 April

Pre-agenda for Thursday's telecon - LAST CALL DECISION

Property with no range ... ObjectProperty or DatatypeProperty?

proposal for OWL datatypes

Proposal Re: B.1, B.2

Proposed simplification of datatype expressions

proposed status section on RDF semantics

Proxy for LC vote

Reference questions

Reference: new version

Reference: section 7.1

Reference: version for LC decision

Regrets - March 13 Phonecon - De Roo

Regrets - March 13 Phonecon - Finin

Regrets - March 13 Phonecon - Stanton

Regrets - March 27 Phonecon

Regrets - Stanton Thursday Phonecon

regrets for 3/13 telecon

Regrets for the F2F meeting

Regrets March 13

Regrets March 13 and March 27

REGRETS: WOWG: agenda March 13 telecon

Reopening B.1 and B.2 for discussion at this week's telecon

Resigning from Web Ont

Review of Test Document

revised OWL media type registration document (IETF form)

S&AS comments

S&AS review: general remarks

S&AS review: Section 5

S&AS Review: Sections 1 to 4

S&AS stylistic comment

S&AS: D.1

S&AS: rdfs compatible semantics - solipsistic!

Scribe notes editors meeting 4.30 - 7.00 pm

semantics issue with respect to RDF model theory

significant problem for moving OWL to Last Call

Special Issue of the International Journal of Electronic Commerce (IJEC)

Species Validation and the Guide Wine Ontology.

Stanford for last call

Status of action items for pfps [Re: WOWG: Telecon Agenda March 27, 2003 -- incl. LAST CALL RESOLUTION]

status of S&AS and a PROPOSAL for proceeding to last call

straw polls, voting, and close world assumptions [was: Telecon Minutes ...]

Summer School: Ontological Engineering and Semantic Web (SSSW-2003)

Syntax proof

syntax task force - differences between the two approaches

Test - post (and pre) LC changes planned

Test Case Area Freeze

Test WD - finished version

TEST, GUIDE: food.owl, wine.owl

TEST: document size and structure

TEST: proposed datatypes testcases

The overview document: individual as an RDFS feature?

the RDF suite of specifications

title format

title format (was Re: comments on Overview and Guide)

titles of documents

Two further review comments on S&AS

two updates as a result of the march 4 meeting

Update: XML Presentation Syntax [draft for W3C Note]

updating issues list w.r.t. outstanding dissent

WebOnt telecon 13 March: minutes

Welcome Charles (Was RE: Review of Test Document)

WOWG: agenda March 13 telecon

WOWG: agenda March 20 telecon

WOWG: Telecon Agenda March 27, 2003 -- incl. LAST CALL RESOL UTION

WOWG: Telecon Agenda March 27, 2003 -- incl. LAST CALL RESOLUTION

WOWG: Telecon Minutes 27 March 2003

XML Presentation Syntax document [ready for review]


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