ADMIN: status update/pre-agenda for this week's call

  Just got off the phone w/Guus - he's doing better, nearly back on 
his feet, apologizes for missing last week's meeting and for slipping 
in his actions on finishing reference (but see below).
  We want to set some specific expectations as to what we plan for the 
next two weeks.

1) Document status -
   We now have last call candidates for Requirements, Overview, Test, 
Guide, and S&AS.  The Reference LCC will be done tomorrow (per Guus).
  We believe that
have had final reviews (thanks to Peter on the last two) and now need 
to address these last comments.
  We have ACTIONs on me and Chris to review Reference as soon as it is 
done (we have reviews on everything but the sections Guus is writing 
  Guus and I have asked a couple of "volunteers" to do final reviews 
of TEST and S&AS, but we would love a couple of more reviews of those 
-- simply read them and do it (no need to sign up or get actioned)

2) Given this status, we believe that at the telcon this week we can 
do as follows:
   1 - close last issue (the "undefined" datatypes - see Peter's 
message [1] which, if I understand correctly, handles Jeremy's issue 
re: rdf:XMLLiteral and Ian's suggestion about datatype simplification)
   2 - get a list of any outstanding editorial issues and/or review 
needs for the 6 documents.
   3 - take a STRAW POLL on moving to Last Call assuming a successful 
conclusion on these issues and reviews

3) Assuming the Straw poll doesn't reveal unexpected problems, and 
that all the things actioned this week get done, then we expect to 
have a resolution to move to LC on the telecon of March 27.

  1 - please get your reviews done
  2 - please make sure your open actions get closed
  3 - please raise any problems with current proposals on the mailing list ASAP
  4 - please (please, pretty please) prepare to actually move to the 
next stage soon!

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Received on Monday, 17 March 2003 14:17:43 UTC