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Please note as this may effect participants on the April 3 telecon:

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>As Masayasu Ishikawa reminded me, this weekend Europe switches to daylight
>savings, and next weekend the USA switches.
>So this means that next week for one week only, teleconference calls will be
>one hour later for Europeans, and the week after, for the duration of
>daylight savings time in the US (until 26th October), calls will be one hour
>earlier in Japan.
>Of course, this weekend, daylight savings *ends* in Australia, which means
>that calls will be one hour *earlier* next week, and then *two* hours
>earlier (Right?)
>For other countries, well, see
>(Interesting factoid: West and Central Europe switch to DST at the same
>instant, regardless of time zone, whereas the USA changes per time zone).
>Steven Pemberton

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