RE: Test - post (and pre) LC changes planned

> Changes I am expecting to make to what is in that archived copy

> before LC include:
> - pubrules conformance checks - in particular I do not understand pubrules
> for the multiple variants.
> - XML Schema Datatypes reference and links (I forgot to do it yesterday)
> - Updates in light of Ian's help on datatypes last night [1].
> - I should change the red text in section D to be black
> - I could add the list of outstanding ACTIONs and proposed tests
> to section
> D.3
> - Update references to Guide and S&AS to be to the last call
> versions (need
> to know the date of the LC)
> - add new first paragraph to D.3 to indicate many tests have
> wrong syntactic
> level information shown.

I have made all these changes to the source (and one or two others detailed
below), except for the pubrules and the update to the links to the last call
versions of the other docs.

But ... my tomcat at work is broken - so I can't generate the docs until I
go home after the telecon.

Hence, I hope we can approve the copy in the archive subject to corrections
and final OK from someone who understands the datatype stuff better than me.

The summary in the change log reads:

<p class="todo">Final changes - March 27</p>

<p>Changed status of this document to draw attention to problem
with syntactic levels.</p>

<p>Changed sections D.2 to reflect some restructuring has been
done and D.3
to give more detail about extra tests to be added.</p>

<p>Changed <a href="#consistencyChecker">4.2.2</a> in light
of Ian's comments.</p>

<p>Added one line to <a href="#runningConsistencyChecker">5.2</a>
concerning datatype support.</p>

<p>Changed section D.4 to indicate need for showing required datatypes
 and for updating testOntology and manifest file description.</p>


The extra text in the SOTD I am suggesting is:
Reviewers should note in particular that the syntactic levels indicated
with each test file (Lite, DL, Full) have <em>never</em> been validated,
and have <em>not</em> been updated in light of recent working group

The extra text in D.4 is:

The datatypes required by a test in the datatype theory
of a reasoner should be made explicit, and documentation
of the manifest file representation of this should be provided.</p>

<a href="">
test ontology</a> needs to be updated to reflect recent changes.
There should be corresponding additional
changes to the documentation of the manifest files.</p>

D.3 now reads:
Many tests need to be changed or to have their syntactic level
changed in order to reflect recent decisions concerning
OWL DL syntax.

Exhaustive coverage of OWL features is desired.

Tests reflecting more issue resolutions are desired.

Defects</a> in the tests reported by Sean Bechhofer should be fixed.

The TrueTests category needs to be used - there are a few tests that should
be changed. The OWL For OWL test category should be used, new tests need
to be created.

Many of the description logic tests should be changed into
consistency or inconsitency tests, to maximize usefulness for testing
consistency checkers.

Lite versions of many of the DL tests can be added, using the
techniques of the tests in C.2.2.

There are a number of outstanding ACTIONs in WebOnt telecon minutes,
or suggestions in the WebOnt e-mail for creation of tests to be added
to the test suite. Specifically concerning:
owl:imports and its domain and range</a>,
<a href="">
language compliance levels</a>,
<a href="">
language compliance levels</a>,
<a href="">
owl:sameInstanceAs, owl:sameClassAs</a>,
datatype properties in OWL Full</a>.

Additional arithmetic tests can be added for OWL DL.

An infinite model test can be added for OWL Lite.

In the extra credit section, the tests concerning prime factorization need
Other possible
tests may concern dominos and transitiveproperties with cardinality
or may concern peculiar extensions of the OWL vocabulary.

Other additional tests will be added as submitted by WG members and the
during Last Call, and beyond.



Received on Thursday, 27 March 2003 11:51:44 UTC