XML Presentation Syntax document [ready for review]

Attached is a ZIP-ed archive of XML Presentation Syntax document
(draft for W3C Note), which is now ready for review by WG.

This document is the result of extensive discussions within the WG.
In particular, without the early XML Schema written by Peter and
the XSLT stylesheet created by Jerome, this document can never
be came out (so I added them in the editors).   I would deeply
appreciate their great jobs!


Title: Web Ontology Language (OWL)
        XML Presentation Syntax

Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Element Reference
      2.1 The Root Element
      2.2 Header Elements
      2.3 Classes
      2.4 Properties
      2.5 Individuals
      2.6 Datatypes
    3. Element Index and Cross Reference
      3.1 Element Index
      3.2 Cross Reference

    Appendix A. XML Schemas
    Appendix B. OWL Examples in XML Syntax
    Appendix C. Transformation to OWL in RDF/XML
    Appendix D. Acknowledgements
    Appendix E. References
    Appendix F. Change Log

"20030307_owl-xml.zip" includes:
    + owl-xml/owl-xmlsyntax.htm --> Cover page
    + owl-xml/apd-schemas.htm  --> Appendix A
    + owl-xml/apd-example.htm   --> Appendix B
    + owl-xml/apd-others.htm     --> APpendix C, D, E & F

    + owl-xml/schema.zip      --> ZIP-ed archive of XML Schemas
    + owl-xml/owlxml2rdf.xsl  --> XSLT stylesheet for the transformation
                                               from XML syntax to RDF/XML

(See attached file: 20030307_owl-xml.zip)

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