Re: Reference questions

On March 11, Guus Schreiber writes:
> I'm working on the revised version of the Reference. I have four 
> questions, for which I'm not sure about the correct answer:
> 1. What do we say about MIME types in Reference?
> rdf+xml and/or owl?
> 2. Does someone has a use case / test for owl:inverseOf applied to
>     datatype properties?

Any data value that you might use as a DB key. SSN is a standard
example; I seem to recall that Dan was using 2 character string valued
state codes for US states.

> 3. Should/must symmetric properties have identical domains and ranges?
> I assume the answer is yes.

The answer is that you can assert any range and domain you like (as
usual), but of course if you assert domain(S C) and range(S D) for a
symmetric property S, then this is logically equivalent to asserting
domain(S intersectionOf(C D)) and range(S intersectionOf(C D)).

> 4. How does one add new "distinctMembers" to an owl:AllDifferent
> list?

One can't - one has to repeat the whole list plus the new


> Feedback very much appreciated.
> Guus
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> A. Th. Schreiber, SWI, University of Amsterdam,

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