Re: Characterising OWL consistency checkers

At 18:02 +0000 3/7/03, Ian Horrocks wrote:
>On March 7, Jim Hendler writes:


>Because ALL datatypes/values are interpreted, an OWL reasoner MUST
>"deal with" all datatypes. This isn't a big overhead because
>unsupported datatypes can be treated in a uniform and very lightweight
>manner. If a reasoner claims to support a given datatype, AND it
>claims to be complete, then it has to do more work w.r.t. that
>datatype (the MT formalises just what it has to do).

yes, but remember that many of our readers won't know this, and thus 
I just want to make sure someone says it in novice-understandable 
form in our document.  I did very much like what you wrote, wasn't 
being critical

>>    but we need some decision on this
>The decision as to which datatypes (if any) MUST be supported by all
>OWL reasoners is obviously one that has to be made by the working
>group. My suggestion is that we make this a fairly short (possibly
>zero length) list.

actually, I think your ACTION item was to take a first stab at making 
a suggestion.  If you want to suggest zero length, that woudl address 
your action.  I probably prefer string and integer, but could live 
with none.

Guus, can you make sure this goes on WG agenda to get resolved on 13th?

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