WOWG: Telecon Agenda March 27, 2003 -- incl. LAST CALL RESOLUTION

Note Duration information - possible that chair will request extra 
time if needed, please try to be available.
March 27, 2003

1200 US East Coast
0900 US West Coast
1700 London

Duration: 90 minutes  (NOTE: if we do not reach the end of agenda 
item 3.0, the chair may request an extension to the meeting)

To use Zakim:
Dial +1.617.761.6200
At the "enter your passcode followed by the pound key" message,
enter 9326#.

Simultaneous IRC Chat (port 6665)

Chair: Hendler
Scribe: Nick Gibbins

1) ADMIN (10 min)

1.1 Roll call

Regrets:  See list archive for  regrets

1.2 Minutes previous telecon

Proposal to accept as a true record of the March 20, 2003 telcon:

1.3 Agenda amendments

1.4 Telecon schedule

- next telecon:  April 3
- Chair: Hendler
- scribe for April 3: TBD

1.5 General Action Review
ACTION: DanC request review by internationalisation board of decision on

ACTION: chairs to include discussion of presentation syntax in next 

2.0  Reopening of Issue 5.26 (10 minutes)
Discussion of Jeremy's proposal re: B1 and B2
see message
and the messages linked from there/

3.0  (60 min)  LAST CALL DECISION

3.1 Review of Document Related Actions:

ACTIONS: pfps, jos, smith, guus to update documents to reflect
decision on datatypes - Please confirm these are done

ACTION: JimH to write MikeS to insert in guide some words about
security and privacy issues - DONE

ACTION: Chairs to contact JeffH to add ref section to req doc - DONE
** (outcome, section to be added during LC)

ACTION: DanC - will investigate question of adding to allDifferent
list. No reply by next Tuesday (25/3) means that it is up to editor to
do what he likes - DONE

ACTION: JimH review of reference doc - DONE

ACTION: pfps, Jos to add broken RDF datatype test to test suite - DONE

ACTION: JimH to report to coordination group on model theory issue - 
DONE, but no conclusion to this point

ACTION: GuusS to update ref to reflect deprecated class being subclass
of RDFS class and not OWL class - DONE

ACTION: pfps to review (at least) section 8 of Ref doc.

3.2 Review of Document Status

3.2.1 Requirements - ready for LC (references to be added later)
3.2.2 Overview - ready for LC  (any post- LC editing changes planned?)
3.2.3 Guide - ready for LC (any post- LC editing changes planned?)
3.2.4 References - reviewed and ready for LC (any post- LC editing 
changes planned?)
3.2.5 Test - ready for LC (report on post LC changes planned)
3.2.6 S&AS - ready for LC?  (dependent on 2.0 outcome, plus changes planned)

Discussion of proposed resolution:
    Resolved: To move all six of our documents to Last Call status as 
soon as possible

3.4 (dependent on 3.3)
    dates suggested by Coordination Group -- Last Call open through May 5 2003
   Last Call Memo - Hendler update to group  (ACTION Hendler to produce?)

4.0 Raucous Celebration or Much Waling and Gnashing of  Teeth
    (dependent on outcome of 3.0) 2 minutes

5) AOB (0-5 min)
Professor James Hendler
Director, Semantic Web and Agent Technologies	  301-405-2696
Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab.	  301-405-6707 (Fax)
Univ of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742	  240-731-3822 (Cell)

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