disjointness of domain and range for datatype properties

In the discussion on rdf-logic it has been recognized that datatype 
properties must have disjoint domains and ranges in OWL DL (and 
Lite).  However, I cannot find this restriction mentioned in any of 
our "human readable" docs (Overview, Guide, Reference).  This seems 
pretty important, I think we need to explain it in at least Reference 
(and preferably Guide) prior to LC.  ALso, are there any test cases 
that test this? -- i.e. if I have

eg:convertedAbsoluteValue a owl:DataTypeProperty;
  rdfs:domain xsd:Integer;
  rdfs:range xsd:nonNegativeInteger.

then this puts me in Full.  A couple of DAML ontologies will not map 
into Lite because of this (they have properties from strings to other 
strings) - so we should have something that explains the restriction 
somewhere where people can see and understand it.  The number of 
people on rdf-logic who didn't know we had this restriction is a 
testament to our need to explain it.

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Received on Thursday, 6 March 2003 11:27:00 UTC