Re: Action: ChrisW to review reference

Sorry, this has been delayed by overcommittment of myself.
I will only be able to bring out the new version by tomorrow, including 
also some of the points amde by Peter. If this makes it impossible for 
you te review, we have to reassign this to someone else.
Sorry Chris,

PS. apart from my normal univ duties I''m also moving from the Univ. of 
Amsterdam to the Free Univ of Amsterdam per April 1. This was not a good 
time to spent four days in bed.

Christopher Welty wrote:
> I understood from the last telecon that I would review a new version of 
> reference that would come out early this week. I haven't seen one, and 
> the versions on the web page are dated in Feb.
> Just making sure I didn't miss something.  At this point, I wont have a 
> review by the telecon, and I have to retract my action because I wont 
> have time to do it in the coming week.
> -Chris
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