Re: TEST: document size and structure

At 15:30 +0100 3/11/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>With Sean's latest additions the test case document is getting too big.
>It now includes at least 10 large tests, two of which are currently not
>verbatim included.
>For last call I propose:
>- large tests are excluded from the LC WD (i.e. the test metadata is
>presented, but the test data is linked to, not copied)
>- all tests are included in the editors draft (linked to from the Status of
>this document)
>For CR/PR I will work on a better solution (e.g. a multipart document solution
>in which large tests are clearly identified as a separate part).
>I do not want to put much work on the critical path for last call; the current
>document creation framework will not easily support multipart documents.

Jeremy - we once discussed including some pointers to some very large 
ontologies for people to test things on.  The large cancer ontology I 
have mentioned in the past is now available, and will also probably 
be available soon in a number of smaller pieces (to test imports), 
and we think it is in OWL Lite (modulo getting the declarations all 
into the file once the WG finalizes which ones need to be there). 
When you think about the CR/PR solution, consider how things like 
this may play in as well

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