RE: Welcome Charles (Was RE: Review of Test Document)

Greetings to all:

A short introduction of myself. I am currently working at Network
Inference as a software architect/developer. I have been in London for
the past 6 months but am returning to California Thursday and will be
based there. I have had previous stints at Sandpiper Software, Cadlab in
Germany, Daisy Systems, Visual Edge and a few other places. I have been
involved with  various organizations similar to W3C, such as OMG, CFI
and Esprit (in Europe).

I have previously met or otherwise interacted with a few of the members
of the committee including Deb McGuinness, Johnathon Dale and Ian
Horrocks, and look forward to meeting (or at least being able to
recognize the voices) of the rest of the members.

I will also let this message serve as regrets for this weeks WG Telecon
as I will be traveling to California on that day.



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This reminds me, in the press to move to Last Call I forgot to inform 
the group that Charles White of Network Inference has joined our WG, 
replacing Peter Crowther who is going on to other things.  Welcome 
Charles, and please feel free to send the group a short message 
introducing yourself and your background.
  -Jim H.

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