new version of S&AS available (was Re: Minutes of teleconf 20/3/03)

There is a new version of S&AS available at 
that includes the resolutions of today's telecon.  I view this version as
ready for review.


From: Ian Horrocks <>
Subject: Minutes of teleconf 20/3/03
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 20:44:15 +0000


> ACTIONS: pfps, jos, smith, guus, danc to update documents to reflect
> decision on datatypes.

S&AS has been modified.


> ACTION: pfps, Jos to add broken RDF datatype test to test suite

A proposed test has been sent to the WG.


> pfps: two actions listed. 1st is done. 2nd depends on Jeremy - large
> section of document not reviewed by anyone. Propose that as it is only
> informative, then it should be removed (and maybe added back during
> last call if so decided).

This has been done.


> pfps: 2 other issues. IMHO RDF model theory broken for datatypes. This
> affects AS&S in normative manner. Issue is what is an RDFS
> datatype. Discussion of this issue... 
> pfps: Propose we do the right thing and hope RDF catch up.

The test message includes indications of a ``right thing'' (which is to act
like an ostrich and hope that RDF Core does the right thing).


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