Re: implementation issues with b-node sharing (5.26 DL syntax)

On 25 Mar 2003, Dan Connolly wrote:

> Ian, Sean, Raphael, Jean-François, and everybody,
> In one of the recent telcons, 13 or 20 March,
> I'm not sure which, I think Ian mentioned some
> implementation experience, or at least design sketch,
> relevant to the bnode structure sharing (B1, B2) stuff.
> I thought I heard that species validation would be
> more difficult if structure sharing were part of
> the design.
> Would you please elaborate?

I don't recall this from a telecon, but two relevant messages from the
list are:

If the assumptions in those mails are correct (and there were no
follow-ups to suggest the contrary), then I think that allowing structure
sharing makes validation *easier*, as you don't actually need to check
whether it's happening or not.


Sean Bechhofer

Received on Tuesday, 25 March 2003 13:35:46 UTC