Re: Datatypes - help please

Jeremy, I see you working very hard right now at ...
Although I abstained from the "five consistency
checkers" resolution, I can't find inconsistencies in
your proposed text and I think it is enough.
Maybe we should point out the Manifest use of property
rtest:datatypeSupport somewhere, but this not critical.

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Jos De Roo, AGFA

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I am trying to understand what I need to change in the test document to
reflect WG decisions vis-a-vis datatypes.

I believe I should be working from Ian's text in

I have some minor additions  (see * * text)

OWL Consistency Checkers

An OWL consistency checker takes a document as input, and outputs one
word: Consistent, Inconsistent, or Unknown.

An OWL document is Consistent iff there exists some MODEL of the
document that is consistent with the constraints specified by the
relevant MODEL THEORY (*see ASS <link>OWL Lite and OWL DL</link>, <link>OWL


An OWL consistency checker MUST return "Consistent" only when the
input document is consistent and "Inconsistent" only when the input
document is not consistent (this property is usually called

An OWL consistency checker is COMPLETE, **with respect to its
supported datatypes**, if, given sufficient (but
finite) resources (CPU cycles and memory), it will always return
either Consistent or Inconsistent **(for an input document
that does not use any unsupported datatypes)**;
otherwise it is INCOMPLETE. It has
been shown that for OWL Lite and DL it is possible to construct a
complete consistency checker (the languages are DECIDABLE), and that
for OWL full it is not possible to construct a complete consistency
checker (the language is UNDECIDABLE).

An OWL consistency checker SHOULD minimally support at least
the following XMLS datatypes: integer, string.

is that enough?
is there a link for the word "support" in the last paragraph to S&AS?

I would continue with the exact characterisation of the five consistency
checkers agreed at the January f2f (text largely unchanged from current


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