Test - post (and pre) LC changes planned

> 3.2.5 Test - ready for LC (report on post LC changes planned)

Test is the document with most change already planned for the post LC

I would not be offended if WG decided that that meant test was not ready for
LC - I have been working on the assumption that adding new test cases is
lower priority than getting OWL right.

A key issuette is that the tests do not conform with the resolution of the
DL Syntax issue.
i.e. each test shows the syntactic level, and I would guess that many of
them are wrong.

There is a summary in the document


The longest part is D.3

Exhaustive coverage of OWL features is desired.

Tests reflecting more issue resolutions are desired.

[Fix] [d]efects in the tests reported by Sean Bechhofer.

The TrueTests category needs to be used - there are a few tests that should
be changed. The OWL For OWL test category should be used, new tests need to
be created.

Many of the DL tests can be converted into difficult Lite tests.

There are a number of outstanding ACTIONs in WebOnt telecon minutes, or
suggestions in the WebOnt e-mail for creation of tests to be added to the
test suite.

In the extra credit section, the tests concerning prime factorization need
fixing. Other possible tests may concern dominos and transitiveproperties
with cardinality constraints or may concern peculiar extensions of the OWL

I will send a list of outstanding ACTIONs and proposed tests sometime before
the telecon.

Note this list has omitted (by mistake) the key issue of the incorrect
syntactic categorizations. This perhaps should even go into the "status of
this document"


Changes I am expecting to make to what is in that archived copy (link above)
before LC include:
- pubrules conformance checks - in particular I do not understand pubrules
for the multiple variants.
- XML Schema Datatypes reference and links (I forgot to do it yesterday)
- Updates in light of Ian's help on datatypes last night [1].
- I should change the red text in section D to be black
- I could add the list of outstanding ACTIONs and proposed tests to section
- Update references to Guide and S&AS to be to the last call versions (need
to know the date of the LC)
- add new first paragraph to D.3 to indicate many tests have wrong syntactic
level information shown.


Received on Thursday, 27 March 2003 07:32:59 UTC