Re: The overview document: individual as an RDFS feature?

thx for the review.

the overview document uses individual and class without namespace 
prefixes - thus those are in the owl namespace.  in section 2 it points out
"Prefixes of rdf: or rdfs: are used when terms are already present in 
RDF or RDF Schema. Otherwise terms are introduced by OWL. Thus, the term 
rdfs:subPropertyOf indicates that subPropertyOf is already in the rdfs 
vocabulary (technically : the rdfs namespace). Also, the term Class is 
more precisely stated as owl:Class and is a term introduced by OWL.


Jeff Z. Pan wrote:

>In section 2.1 of the overview document, "individual" is listed as one of the RDF
>Schema features.
>However, when I checked the updated versions of RDF/XML Syntax Specification
>(Revised) [1], RDF Vocabulary Description Language 1.0: RDF Schema [2], and RDF
>Semantics [3], I noticed that rdfs:individual is not defined/used in any of them.
>Jeff Z. Pan  ( )
>Computer Science Dept., The University of Manchester

Received on Tuesday, 4 March 2003 12:23:01 UTC