Re: B.1, B.2

From: Guus Schreiber <>
Subject: Re: B.1, B.2
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 17:09:48 +0100

> Peter,
> As Jim said last week, the chairs are willing to reopen 5.26 wrt. B1 & 
> B2 if we can solve it beofre LC. It seems Jeremy has proposed wording 
> for changing the document, and also offered two possibilities for 
> handling work on the proof. Given this, could you agree to making this 
> change? As I said during the telecon, in my view it was in the spirit of 
> the editors meeting to see the proposal as one complete set, and it 
> seems to me Jeremy has proposed a way to include B1/B2 without requiring 
> you to spend much time on it.
> Thanks for considering this,
> Guus

I don't view either of the proposals on how to handle the proof as


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