Re: Minutes of teleconf 20/3/03

On Thu, 2003-03-20 at 14:44, Ian Horrocks wrote:
> 2.1 ISSUE 5.26 OWL DL Syntax
> JimH: mostly approved; some controversy over structure sharing (B.1
> bnodes at descriptions form directed acyclic graphs (DAGs))
> PFPS: didn't seem to be support at last week's teleconf, so not worth
> effort of changing AS&S.
> General discussion re B1/2. Support from DanC and Guus (believes
> editors proposal should be taken as complete set).
> JimH: any strong objections to B1/2?
> PFPS: objects on grounds of resource - at least 1 day's work; someone
> else would have to do it.
> JimH: volunteers?
> Deafening silence.
> DanC: then we should take it out.

I'd like to clarify. I don't think I said "we
should take [B1/B2] out." Actually, I voiced strong
support for B1/B2; I then heard the editors estimate that they
couldn't deliver a draft with this change (structure
sharing ala B1 and b2) incorporated
until some time in April. My comment, which was
sort of advice to the chairs, if it was in order
at all, was that I seemed to be the only one objecting;
that for the sake of the progress of the group as a whole,
the question should be put and the issue closed
over my objection.

> Guus: Jeremy will object.
> JimH: Agrees with DanC. Suggests taking out B1/2 and close issue with
> proviso that could be re-opened if volunteer appears before last call.
> Discussion of F.1 add owl:DataRange as syntactic category for data oneOf
> IanH: don't object if we are keeping data oneOf
> Guus: adding category would improve clarity
> Peter: SA&S can easily be updated (in about 1hr)
> For: Hendler, pfps, hori, horrocks
> Against: DanC
> Abstention: Guus, Smith, De Roo, Marwan, Gibbins, Welty, Wallace, Dean.
> PROPOSAL: accept proposal to close 5.26 except for parts B1 and B2
> Objections: DanC
> Abstain: GuusS, Wallace, Baget, M_Smith, Sabbouh, Yasser
> JimH: List as resolved; DanC's objection noted; could reopen if appropriate.

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