Re: Review of Test Document

Sorry I didn't understand this at first -

Sean Bechhofer wrote:

> There's a slight problem with this though -- the Manifest files in the zip
> all have xml:base attributes which refer to the test web site. E.g. in
> I5.8/Manifest005.rdf you get:
> 		<rtest:premiseDocument>
> 			<rtest:RDF-XML-Document rdf:about="premises005">
> So premises005 gets resolved to:
> but there isn't a premises005.rdf (or premises005.* for that matter) in
> that directory.

That is correct - the zip file has a logical xml:base itself - guessing I 
think it is

so that the file you are after is named:


and can be found in the zip (unless I messed up!)


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