RE: Minutes of teleconf 20/3/03

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> PROPOSED to accept the following as a true record of March 13:
> Approved unanimously.

I would also like to record my objection to this decision.

Specifically the minute of item 2.1 appears to have been inadequate.

2.1 ISSUE 5.26 OWL DL Syntax


PROPOSAL to RESOLVE [consensus from editors meetings]:

RESOLUTION: unanimously accepted, minus points F.1, B.1 and B.2.
This does not close the issue.

Later traffic [1], [2], suggested that there had been more substantive
discussion, and perhaps the decision not to close the issue on the 13th was
intended to permit further e-mail discussion of these points. However, the
substantive later traffic [2] was too close to the next telecon for such
discussion to be had.

Given that Peter had proposed B.1 and B.2 at the editors' meeting it was not
possible to discern from the minutes neither that he was opposing them nor
on what grounds.



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