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[Fwd: accessibility] William Loughborough (Wednesday, 31 March)

Internet World article Robert Neff (Wednesday, 31 March)

RE: A different approach for web page accessibility Al Gilman (Sunday, 28 March)

Events Reminder William Loughborough (Saturday, 27 March)

National Association of Broadcasters April 17 - 22 Las Vegas Robert Neff (Saturday, 27 March)

comprhensive list Robert Neff (Saturday, 27 March)

training standard Robert Neff (Saturday, 27 March)

Minutes, EOWG meeting, March 26, 1999. Judy Brewer (Friday, 26 March)

WAI EOWG Agenda, March 26 Judy Brewer (Friday, 26 March)

29 Code of Federal Regulations Title 29 Robert Neff (Friday, 26 March)

WAI EOWG Meeting, March 26 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 25 March)

sitesweeper Robert Neff (Thursday, 25 March)

RE: Can ADA be counterproductive (was Re: Legal leg to stand on?) Waddell, Cynthia (Wednesday, 24 March)

Re: Can ADA be counterproductive (was Re: Legal leg to stand on?) Robert Neff (Wednesday, 24 March)

Federal Webmasters Robert Neff (Tuesday, 23 March)

Fw: [ConferenceAlert] TELECOM 99 Geneva 8th World Telecommunications Robert Neff (Monday, 22 March)

policy page, more updates Judy Brewer (Tuesday, 16 March)

Re: Policies Relating to Web Accessibility (UK) Judy Brewer (Friday, 12 March)

WAI EOWG Agenda, March 12 Judy Brewer (Friday, 12 March)

updated accessible SMIL clip Geoff Freed (Thursday, 11 March)

Alternative Web Access Page Peter Bosher (Thursday, 11 March)

sweet sixteen William Loughborough (Wednesday, 10 March)

fwd: LAST CALL: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 10 March)

Planning on attending WAI meetings at CSUN? Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 10 March)

Please review! Accessibility Features of CSS Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 10 March)

events reminder William Loughborough (Tuesday, 9 March)

CNET invites comments Peter Bosher (Tuesday, 9 March)

Electronic Publishing Australia March 8, 1999 (fwd) Charles McCathieNevile (Monday, 8 March)

Business case ideas Alan Cantor (Friday, 5 March)

Presentation Neff, Robert (Friday, 5 March)

WAI EOWG Agenda, February 26, 1999 Judy Brewer (Friday, 5 March)

Another presentation Robert Neff (Thursday, 4 March)

Policies Neff, Robert (Wednesday, 3 March)

LAST CALL: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Judy Brewer (Monday, 1 March)

Universal design snippets Alan Cantor (Friday, 26 February)

WAI EOWG Agenda, February 26, 1999 Judy Brewer (Friday, 26 February)

BROCHURE DRAFT #2 Judy Brewer (Friday, 26 February)

distance learning William Loughborough (Thursday, 25 February)

CSS Robert Neff (Saturday, 20 February)

No new Bobby Release: false alarm Harvey Bingham (Friday, 19 February)

WAI EOWG Agenda, February 19, 1999 Judy Brewer (Friday, 19 February)

re: a possibly contentious suggestion William Loughborough (Wednesday, 17 February)

Fwd: Assistive Devices Industry Association of Canada Harvey Bingham (Tuesday, 16 February)

Fw: [ConferenceAlert] List of Educational Technology Conferences Robert Neff (Monday, 15 February)

Fw: [ConferenceAlert] C@lling Asia Kyoto, Japan May 22-23, 1999 Robert Neff (Monday, 15 February)

Fwd: Reminder: HFWEB99 Call for Papers: March 8 deadline. Harvey Bingham (Saturday, 13 February)

URL William Loughborough (Friday, 12 February)

EOWG Agenda, February 12, 1999, and draft brochure Judy Brewer (Friday, 12 February)

Reminder EOWG Meeting, February 12, 1999 Judy Brewer (Friday, 12 February)

Re: last (fast) gasp for waicard10, closing Thursday a.m. Neff, Robert (Thursday, 11 February)

last (fast) gasp for waicard10, closing Thursday a.m. Judy Brewer (Thursday, 11 February)

Introduction Sophie Latulippe (Friday, 5 February)

Next? William Loughborough (Friday, 5 February)

Kids Pages Neff, Robert (Friday, 5 February)

Last round of comments on WAI QuickTips card Daniel Dardailler (Thursday, 4 February)

waicard10 Daniel Dardailler (Thursday, 4 February)

waicard9 Daniel Dardailler (Wednesday, 3 February)

waicard8 Daniel Dardailler (Tuesday, 2 February)

card vs. guidelines Daniel Dardailler (Monday, 1 February)

Kiosks requet for information Robert Neff (Sunday, 31 January)

Re: XML and Accessibility by way of Harvey Bingham (Saturday, 30 January)

try, try again William Loughborough (Friday, 29 January)

WAI card Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 29 January)

card4+ William Loughborough (Friday, 29 January)

WAI EO WG Agenda, January 29, 1999 Judy Brewer (Friday, 29 January)

event reminders William Loughborough (Thursday, 28 January)

Re: Math and Science Charles McCathieNevile (Monday, 25 January)

Next! William Loughborough (Friday, 22 January)

WAI EO Agenda & Meeting Reminder Judy Brewer (Friday, 22 January)

Gartner Group Reference, Rita Knox Harvey Bingham (Thursday, 21 January)

Alternative Browsers and Screen-readers Peter Bosher (Wednesday, 20 January)

Re: checklist ideas Al Gilman (Monday, 18 January)

RE: [WebWisdom] Combining Images to Save Time Robert C. Neff (Monday, 18 January)

EOWG AGENDA January 15, 1999, & Web Char notes Judy Brewer (Friday, 15 January)

List fo Public Relations Robert C. Neff (Friday, 15 January)

WAI EO WG Meeting, January 15, 1999 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 14 January)

FW: good web sites URL Robert C. Neff (Monday, 11 January)

Publishing a book on Web Accessibility Mike Paciello (Sunday, 10 January)

Gartner Group Reference: Rita Knox Harvey Bingham (Friday, 8 January)

New article on accessible web-based training in "Inside Technology Training" Alan Cantor (Friday, 8 January)

Public Relations List - Draft List Robert C. Neff (Friday, 8 January)

bangkok post article (fwd) Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 8 January)

Links for Laws and references Robert C. Neff (Friday, 8 January)

UK Policy reference Peter Bosher (Friday, 8 January)

EO-Policy Daniel Dardailler (Friday, 8 January)

WAI EO Friday January 8, 1999 Agenda & previous minutes Judy Brewer (Friday, 8 January)

WAI EO WG Meeting, January 8, 1999 Judy Brewer (Thursday, 7 January)

FW: Requested WAI review response James Allan (Tuesday, 5 January)

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