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Minutes, EOWG meeting, March 26, 1999.

From: Judy Brewer <jbrewer@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 10:05:24 -0500
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To: w3c-wai-eo@w3.org
Minutes, EOWG meeting, March 26, 1999.


WL William Loughboro
HB Harvey Bingham
AC Alan Cantor
GR Gregory Rosmaita
MRK Marja-Riitta Koivunen
DD Daniel Dardailler
JB Judy Brewer
SS Sheela Sethuraman
CMN Charles McCathieNevile

CL Chuck Letourneau
BK BK DeLong
GF Geoff Freed
RN Rob Neff

1) Outreach & Updates
CMN Jutta's developer's day at WWW8 is taking papers. AC put in a proposal
on looking at an evaluation of keyboard-only access in Windows. WL proposal
on tips & tricks, importance of getting input from the clientele.
JB there were a number of sessions at CSUN on Web access;
WL submission dates for almost everything on the list has passed.

2) Preparation of FAQ for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 
JB "in the event that" WCAG becomes a recommendation: planning 3-part
release to include a FAQ. - Nominations for key questions to go on the FAQ?
(& nominations for key answers to answer the key questions?)
SS how stable are the guidelines
AC how often are the guidelines updated
CMN why are they important
AC who benefits from accessibility
HB why are there so many different kinds of guidelines, how are they
SS who's the target audience
AC what's the most important to understand in terms of making a site
SS what are some of the EO initiatives that support this 
CMN where is the demonstration site
MRK will it make it different for other users
AC what are the most common accessibility errors/ barriers that Web sites
WL how much does it cost
AC what are the legal consequences of not making accessible pages?
CMN how do I hire an accessibility surveyee
DD are there tools that will help me
SS why did you change the name
GR are accessible sites necessarily dull sites
HB where can I see examples
JB who's doing this that I can look at
AC what is the role of W3C in this
[switched to brainstorming resources]
GR tap into a company that provides software or services
JB eg work with content development companies
GR dynamic software users. rather than going to Alaire about Cold Fusion,
go to donatees, ask them to be models.
CMN best not to sidestep the fact that they're working on thousands of
different parts of their sites to get them accessible
JB a major comporation, previously uninvolved in WAI, said last night that
they are implementing a new policy to implement our guidelines across their
corporation, but can't publicly commit until have their site more cleaned
up; this may be a common issue because companies are concerned about public
response; we need to be able to handle commitments like this in context of
AC link to one component of their site for illustrative purposes
JB would be good to have a small class of reliably accessible public site/
as a changeable resource over time, plus a list of companies saying "we will"
GR combined EO/ER task force to review sites
DD reporting tool needs work from Gerald to move it more rapidly
HB raise an issue on whether Bobby should evaluate browser sniffing
**CMN will check issue w/ GL
[back to questions brainstorming]
WL need my site be ugly?
HB where does one learn more about accessibility issues and the WAI?
GR where is a real-life institution that is making their commercial site
[what about a WAI site FAQ?]
JB should we also develop a FAQ for the WAI site itself? nominees for what
key questions/answers?
AC who are we? 
JB four stakeholder parties
GR convergence of WAI technologies w/ other technologies... CD ROM, etc., 
?? reviewing other technical work 
GR complexity & interrelatedness of all the other parts
JB ADD INTO OTHER FAQ: how does this relate to WAI's other work;
AC working in these other areas: design for browser specifications; etc.

3) Keyboard-only access
HB different browser packages have different mapping, would be easier if
could cross-map.
AC there are 600 potential keyboard shortcuts built into a standard
keyboard. so many. techniques for using those. to facilitate or to wreck
access. mnfrs of diff AT's will mix them up. wishing for standard assigning
JB how much in our scope? in scope of UAWG?
CMN wide problem. linux user, issue, emacs
HB this is a bar to accessibility, we can point it out.
JB not in EOWG scope; raise in UAWG.

3) Reprints of literature stuffers & quicktips
HB need them for XML Europe/ stuffers
HB "all visuals" should be "each visual"
JB fix boldness "alt" & "CSS" and will be updating the URL's for Web
Content Accessibility Guidelines on literature stuffer
MRK ran into a problem with translation, some words are normal (images),
others are techie jargon (applets). Should we be using more abstract terms,
like "active elements"?
JG those are exactly the kinds of problems should be running into when
translating things.
SS "active elements" not a good generalization
GR keep it specific; active elements is much too broad

4) Next meetings:
April 2, 9 , 16, 23, 30.

- Judy
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