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FW: good web sites URL

From: Robert C. Neff <rcn@fenix2.dol-esa.gov>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 09:37:26 -0500
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This is a copy from the WAI IG list.  These are also good references for 
the Public Relations firm:  The Webby Awards and  International Academy of 
Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS).
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Here is a clipping from an article about the Webby Awards.
<start snip>
It's black-tie browsing time as the annual awards show announces contenders 
for best of the Web.
by Paul Heltzel
Break out the champagne and tell the guy who runs the server to take the 
night off. Nominees were announced today for the 1999 Webby Awards, which 
recognize sites for their creativity and innovation.
Contenders for best site of the year range from Web darlings like 
Amazon.com (for Commerce) to lesser-known hopefuls, such as Red Meat (in 
Humor). Web-savvy celebrity judges include David Bowie for Music, Francis 
Ford Coppola in Film, and Esther Dyson in Finance. Ubiquitous Dilbert 
author Scott Adams will judge Humor.
The average netizen can cast an online ballot for the People's Voice 
Awards, which will also be announced during the award ceremony, held March 
18 at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. More than 200,000 Web users are 
expected to vote, says the award's organizer, the International Academy of 
Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS).
And now, a full list of the nominees. Virtual drum roll please:  <end snip> 
From <>,  "The Webby Awards' nominees and 
winners are chosen by the distinguished International Academy of Digital 
Arts and Sciences judges, <>, 220 leading 
experts in the new media field and experts in particular fields specific to 
The Webby Award categories. For more information on the Academy and 
nomination and judging for The Webby Awards, visit the International 
Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences <http://www.iadas.net/> site: 
www.iadas.net <http://www.iadas.net/>. "
You can view the list of nominees at the URL, 
The Webby address is
Lets start a discussion on the accessibility of their site.  I am also 
going to ask them why they do not have a category for Universal Access. 
 You too can ask, but please, let's be civil and positive. From their web 
site, I have compiled a list of contacts.  Please send your comments and 
constructive criticism to:
webbysupport@vivid.com; tiffany@webbyawards.com; rebecca@webbyawards.com; 
randy@webbyawards.com; dave@webbyawards.com; maya@iadas.net
earlier mistake.  Recommend to you send comments to WAI IG or me as a 
separate email.

thanks!  rob
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