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ACTION-31: Will ask w3c systeam about prospect for archiving osf blog posts and perhaps other content

ACTION-40: Invite annotations wg

ACTION-41: Review with wendy to figure out best way forward with microformats

ACTION-5 and ACTON-12: Get clarification on PubSubHubbub

Activity Streams 2.0 Test Suite

Added User Story for MediaObject (+ can LDP help?)

AS 2.0 pump-like spec

AS 2.0 Test Suite Approach

AS2 Issues List

AS2.0: JSON and/or RDF based?

dandus - Activity Streams 2.0 Server

Demos of API Candidates during Face 2 Face

Deprecate "actor" in favor of "attributeTo"

Details of INRIA for May 4-5th F2F of Social WG/IG

Distributed architecture and social justice / at risk individuals

Drafts: Social Web Architecture & Social Web Glossary

European Social IG/WG meeting this summer? [was Re: Response needed! Re: Poll for next F2F]

Fwd: RDF Shapes has published shacl (Shapes Constraint Language) draft

Fwd: Re: List of commonly used property names when used as *inverse*?

Fwd: W3C TPAC 2015 - Will your group meet in Sapporo?

GSoC 2015 deadline (2015-03-27), Apache Stanbol and Apache Marmotta

hosting for Paris F2F May ?

hotel discount for meeting in Paris


INRIA confirms hosting May F2F [was Re: hosting for Paris F2F May ?]

ISSUE-18: We need to know if there are any other products in this space and if there are any dependencies between ldp and opensocial planned in the future?

ISSUE-22: Need to get data on implementor interest on specific features of the as spec

ISSUE-23: Look at backward compatibility for as 2.0

ISSUE-24: Do we put requirement on supporting static websites?

ISSUE-25: What syntax is (syntaxes are) to be used in the social api (eg microformats vs json-ld; form-encoding vs json-ld)

ISSUE-27: How do we represent changes to a profile in an activity

ISSUE-7: Are as consumers required to understand the pre-json-ld syntax?

Joint Social Web/Social Interest Group and W3C/MIT Lunch

JSON-LD illustrated videos from Manu Sporny!

microformats 2 and Linked Data

Minutes for March 24, 2015

Next Face 2 Face, 2015-03-17 @MIT

Non-USA callers note Daylights Saving - conference is at 12:00 ET

Poll for next F2F

process request -- was: Using a Smart Client


Re-fill out survey for F2F: Henry Story, Jessica Tallon, Tantek, Sandro, David, Shane

Refactor "target", "origin" and audience targeting properties


regrets 3 March

Removing Activity Types not used by User Stories

Response needed! Please vote again... dates now correct

Response needed! Re: Poll for next F2F

Reusing known predicates to discover relevant Containers/Collections

reusing Vocabulary terms in Social API (Hypermedia)

Second AS2.0 javascript lib

Social Web WG agenda for 3 March 2015

Social Web WG agenda for 31 March 2015

social-ACTION-29: Reach out to open social foundation participants to invite them to join the w3c social web wg

social-ACTION-34: add explaination to the spec about multiple serializations used in examples

social-ACTION-41: Review with wendy to figure out best way forward with microformats

social-ACTION-42: MediaObject - gather options for its social syntax on a wiki page

social-ACTION-43: propose *lightweight* inference based on RDFa Vocabulary Expansion

social-ACTION-43: propose *lightweight* inference based on RDFa Vocabulary Expansion (also: ISSUE-12)

social-ACTION-44: Collection - compare AS2 design with LDP, Hydra, etc.

social-ACTION-45: Testing ontology using ontology testing by verifying that there are no inconsistencies at that level

social-ACTION-46: Add details to issue-18

social-ACTION-47: Acquire sqldump of opensocial site database and upload somewhere

social-ACTION-48: Set-up a github for as2.0 testing (whatever that ends up being, we'll need a github!)

social-ACTION-49: Publish as2.0 data on one's own website

social-ACTION-50: Extract the examples from the main documents, pick properties and put together a test for those examples

social-ACTION-51: Discuss with rigo travel budget to see if more funding can be found for a paris event

social-ACTION-52: Discuss re github

social-ACTION-53: Make doodle poll for f2f between now and tpac

social-ACTION-54: Investigate 'my client' to 'someone else server' authentication

social-ACTION-55: Upload the 2015-03-10 minutes to the wiki

social-ACTION-56: Assemble the minutes from march f2f

social-ACTION-57: extract all AS2.0 examples in specs into separate files + expose them to JSON-LD Playground

social-ACTION-6: Cycle with wendy and google on push licensing

social-ISSUE-14 (elf-pavlik): as:Link adds a lot of complexity, if we keep it we need to clarify consequences of using it instead of as:Object [Activity Streams 2.0]

social-ISSUE-15 (elf-pavlik): AS2.0 Vocabulary in many ways duplicates and efforts [Activity Streams 2.0]

social-ISSUE-16 (grammar/vocabulary): better separate grammar/vocabulary and improved spec structure [Activity Streams 2.0]

social-ISSUE-17 (Online Identity): Identity, Agent, Person, Persona, Account etc. need clarifications

social-ISSUE-19 (channel explosion): WG communication channel explosion

social-ISSUE-20 (Collection Serialization): Represent Collections using JSON Text Sequences (RFC 7464)

social-ISSUE-21 (JSON-LD & RDF): Role of JSON-LD and RDF

social-ISSUE-26 (as2profiles): Representing profiles in Activity Streams 2.0 [Activity Streams 2.0]

social-ISSUE-28: Remodel "Connect" and "FriendRequest" or Remove them?

social-ISSUE-29: Removing Activity Types not used by User Stories

social-ISSUE-30: Deprecate "actor" in favor of "attributedTo"

social-ISSUE-31: Refactor "target", "origin" and audience targeting properties

social-ISSUE-32: Deprecate "generator" and "provider"

social-ISSUE-33: Deprecate or remove the "rating" property

social-ISSUE-34: Context vs. Motivation

social-ISSUE-35: Simplify the Actor Types

social-ISSUE-36 (JSON-LD contexts): Role and evolution of recommended JSON-LD @contexts [Activity Streams 2.0]

St. Patrick's Day Travel Advisory for tomorrow's F2F

story: Developing a Smart Client

Telecon 10 March 2015

teleconf and stories

Teleconference 2015-03-24 17:00 UTC

Using a Smart Client

Vocabulary 'tutorial'?

Vocabulary Modeling: Connect as Verb or Connection as Object?

W3C TPAC 2015 - Will your group meet in Sapporo?

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