Re: AS2 Issues List

On 03/31/2015 06:44 PM, James M Snell wrote:
> For the call today...
> I'm recommending closing the following issues:
> ISSUE-4 - Explicit typing or support implicit typing - Already
> addressed in current draft
doesn't have any references (links) to relevant section in a draft

> ISSUE-7 - Are AS consumers required to understand the pre-JSON-LD
> syntax -  Already addressed in current draft
doesn't have any references (links) to relevant section in a draft

> ISSUE-12 - Action Types Structure and Processing Model - it was
> decided already that RDF style reasoning should be supported but not
> required.
> ISSUE-14 - as:Link complexity - the spec already includes language
> that deals with the relationship between as:Link and as:Object and how
> they relate to one another. If there are specific suggestions to
> improve the language, then ok. If the proposal is to remove as:Link,
> then it ought to be a specific proposal to remove as:Link
-1 closing, I still work on alternative proposal for MediaObject and
requested clarifications via mailing list about other uses for as:Link

> ISSUE-15 - AS2.0 vocab duplicating and
> efforts - microformats and are not normative dependencies
> for AS2.0. Some duplication is ok and ought to be expected.
-1 not now, may still become at some point,

> ISSUE-20 - Support JSON Text Sequences? - out of scope, recommend
> first seeing if there are ways of having JSON-LD generically support
> JSON Text Sequences
> ISSUE-23 - Backwards compatibility in AS 2.0 - already dealt with in the draft
+1 duplicate of ISSUE-7

> The following existing open issue still need discussion:
> ISSUE-13, Which activity types should be in the core? (Erik)
> ISSUE-16, Improve spec structure (Erik) Specific suggested edits would
> be helpful (PR anyone?)
> ISSUE-17, Identity, Agent, Person, Persona, Account etc. need
> clarifications (Elf)
> Raised Issues that need to be opened and resolved:
-1 to opening many of them, I proposed creating ACTIONs instead on
today's agenda:

> ISSUE-26, Representing Profiles (James)
> ISSUE-27, Representing Changs to Profiles, (James)
> ISSUE-28, Remodel "Connect" and "FriendRequest" or remove them, (James)
> ISSUE-29, Removing Activity Types not used by User Stories, (James)
> ISSUE-30, Deprecate "actor" in favor of "attributedTo", (James)
> ISSUE-31, Refactor "target", "origin" and audience targeting, (James)
> ISSUE-32, Deprecate "generator" and "provider" (James)
> ISSUE-33, Deprecate or remove the "rating" property (James)
> ISSUE-34, Context vs Motivation (James)
> ISSUE-35, Simplify the Actor Types (see Issue-17 also) (James)
> ISSUE-36, Leveraging JSON-LD context vs. RDF vocabulary (elf).
> Specifically, do we want to leverage JSON-LD mechanisms for reverse
> properties. There are inherent complexities
> with this approach when working strictly with the JSON-LD expanded form.
> Actions:
> ACTION-14 Setup json-ld context for namespace... Open ... still need this
> ACTION-26 Review microformats examples... Open... ongoing
> ACTION-29 Reach out to open social foundation members... recommend
> closing, rather pointless at this time.

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